Will you stand in the arena?


“Vision: the ability to see beyond the boundaries of the present. To be able to see the coming wave of future events and then ride that wave to destiny’s shore.” Dr. G Speaks

Do you know people who love the heat of battle? Once they set a goal, momentum’s fire ignites their hearts with passion and moving mountains becomes like child’s play. Their focus is intense. They can work without sleeping; run without resting; and stand in the midst of turmoil without losing site of their target. They are after their prize. Defeat cannot touch them. Discouragement cannot lure them into his embrace.  Distraction’s sticky fingers cannot steal what they cherish most. They are the valiant; the true; the brave; the risk takers who understand the power of VISION! Will you handle your business and join them in the arena?

©2013 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes


About Dr. Gail Hayes

Executive Whisperer, International Thought Leader, Executive Leadership Coach, Author, & Media Personality. Follow me on social media - @drgailhayes
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2 Responses to Will you stand in the arena?

  1. stephanie w says:

    how in the world are you? I have not heard from you in a while ,what’s up?

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