The Power of Light!

 “The most powerful people are those who understand that they are here to not only live well but to also serve others. Your talents mean NOTHING without service. Your time means NOTHING without service. Your words mean NOTHING without service. Your presence means NOTHING if you are unwilling to serve. So in your success, remember to light the way and serve because then your service means SOMETHING!” #drgspeaks #handleyourbusinessgirl

Many of the greatest people in history stood on foundations forged with service. They put the needs of others before their own. They gave of their time, sustenance, gifts, and talents. They understood what has escaped those caught in mediocrity’s grasp. They discovered a need and dedicated most their lives to meeting a need that served others.

They not only met needs but they also created something that most of us desire. Through their service, they created legacy. When you create legacy, you step into something amazing. You create exponential illumination that ignites destiny’s power!


About drgailhayes

International speaker, author, and Executive Leadership Coach.
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