“There are few things …


“There are few things more powerful than telling your story. Speak it! Write it! Live it! And leave a legacy worth sharing!” Dr. G Speaks

Life can and will pass you by if you refuse to live it. What better way to live that to tell your story. No one can tell it like you. No one knows the details, the hardships, or the joys like you. If you’re sitting around waiting for an opportunity or the “right time” to begin, it will never come. You must walk in out. In other words, you must be willing to reach out and speak out to others. There are people waiting along life’s roadway for you. They are holding on with their finger nails, waiting to hear your unique song; to hear your special voice and to savor your magnificent story. The reason? Your story holds the solution to a problem. Your story holds the promise of an unanswered prayer; the quenching of a silent thirst; the response to a hopeful whisper. Remember…you and your story are more powerful than you know and more necessary than you believe. Speak…the world is waiting!

©2013 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes


About Dr. Gail Hayes

Executive Whisperer, International Thought Leader, Executive Leadership Coach, Author, & Media Personality. Follow me on social media - @drgailhayes
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3 Responses to “There are few things …

  1. Jean Adams says:

    So true..We can be spectators in life or participants. The choice is ours. We are the only one who can tell our story best. Once told.. it will change someone’s life.

  2. Cheryl O'Neal says:

    As I read this blog I truly looked at me–cause it is true for me! So many times we give way for others and support them love them and you have spoken — you can however its revealed later! Thank you Dr.G and Master Coach! !

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