The Power of Light!

 “The most powerful people are those who understand that they are here to not only live well but to also serve others. Your talents mean NOTHING without service. Your time means NOTHING without service. Your words mean NOTHING without service. Your presence means NOTHING if you are unwilling to serve. So in your success, remember to light the way and serve because then your service means SOMETHING!” #drgspeaks #handleyourbusinessgirl

Many of the greatest people in history stood on foundations forged with service. They put the needs of others before their own. They gave of their time, sustenance, gifts, and talents. They understood what has escaped those caught in mediocrity’s grasp. They discovered a need and dedicated most their lives to meeting a need that served others.

They not only met needs but they also created something that most of us desire. Through their service, they created legacy. When you create legacy, you step into something amazing. You create exponential illumination that ignites destiny’s power!

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You are Queen…


“Not everyone should be allowed to speak into your life. Ask to see a resume and get EVERYTHING in BLACK AND WHITE!” #Drgailhayesspeaks
There was time, not so long ago that I allowed others to define me. I had one person to tell me that I should wear my hair a certain way, and I did. She in turn, started wearing her hair in the very color that she advised me not to wear.

Still another person told me that I was not trying hard enough to change my life; that I was dragging my feet and making excuses. She had no idea how difficult it was for me having my children in my forties and feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage. I had lost my ability to run a business and create my personal economy. I had no money to leave where I was and certainly didn’t have the energy, at the time to try.

But soon all that changed. It changed when I decided to silence the voices of those who did not understand my journey. It changed when I decided that I would no longer allow others to define me. It changed when I decided to check the resume of those giving me instructions.

It took some effort but I soon heard transformation calling my name. I broke free and recognized that it was time to look in the mirror and tell myself a new story.

There’s a question that people ask when they want something authentic; “Can I get that in BLACK AND WHITE?” That means that they want the real thing. They want a done deal. So, from now on, when I give you something, it will be in BLACK AND WHITE. After all I’ve been through, I’ve now decided to put things in BLACK AND WHITE, don my crown and reign in my domain.

My fellow Queens…Will you join me?
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My Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou

My Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou

My Tribute…

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What Leaders do…


“They refuse to settle. They push, pull, and prod until you get the job done. They inspire, encourage, and motivate. These exceptional beings who can change the flow of any battle are called Leaders!” Dr. G Speaks

Have you seen someone who seems to hold it together when things fall apart? They take the hit. They hold their positions without flinching when negative forces confront them. They scale fear’s wall and cross the burning sands of opposition without hesitation. And as they move, they don’t mind helping others do the same because they refuse to settle for nothing less than excellence.

They possess a “steel will” to overcome obstacles and to follow through when others have given up or missed the mark. Their character leaves its imprint upon the hearts and minds of others. Countless want to follow them. Many call them courageous. Others call them focused. But all call them leaders.

Leading others and handling your business is hard work and you cannot do it alone. Remember, I’m here to help!

Contact Dr. G for your coaching session so you can handle your business where you do business!

©2014 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes

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Subtle changes can bring results in the new year!


“Sometimes subtle changes can bring dramatic results. So instead of running, there are times when you can walk and still reach your destination.” Dr. G Speaks

Okay, it’s a new year and almost everyone has some resolutions, right? We’ve made plans to lose weight, break bad habits, change direction or try to do something new or different that we hope that will change our lives. But are we setting ourselves up for failure or is success just over the next horizon?

If you’re tired of making resolutions and setting goals only to be disappointed with your progress, I’ve got some news that may shake your world. I recently discovered something so simple that I hope it will bring you new vision in the new year. This may not be for everyone but if it works for you, take it and run with it!

Last year, I decided to cut down on my sugar intake. I am the first born of seven children and my family has a history of diabetes and heart disease. Two much younger brothers are on dialysis and my father died an early death as a dialysis patient. I didn’t want those maladies to live with me so I knew I had to make some major life changes.

I loved chocolate so I decided to limit my eating of chocolate. Notice, I did not say stop. Instead of eating my five mini chocolate bars each day, I only ate two. After a week, I ate only one. It was hard but within a two weeks, my desire subsided. At the end of a month, it was nearly gone. My size 12 (I was once in a 20W) began to fit again and my energy increased. I even started walking more regularly. The pain in my knees even disappeared!I still eat desserts but not in the same way. Instead of my desire managing me, I manage it.

So here’s my question, instead of making resolutions or setting goals, why don’t you try just making subtle changes? Instead of saying that you will lose the weight, try cutting down on sugar. Skip dessert for a week. If you’re able to make that subtle change, then you are not setting yourself up for the failure. If you stumble for one day, don’t beat yourself up and give up. Start again the next day. It’s like cutting your destination into bite size pieces that are more easily managed. And if you are consistent, you will lose weight.

It’s called developing a new process instead of setting goals. When many of us fail to reach our goals, we consider it failure. But if we focus on process (eliminating one dessert per day) that subtle change will garner results! So whatever you want to achieve in this new year, remember that it should become a part of your daily routine instead of the focal point of your life.

Remember…You are the ultimate artist of your life’s canvas. Others can only help you mix the colors you already have in your palette. Why not paint a new process instead of setting goals you may not achieve.

Making changes and handling your business is hard work and you cannot do it alone. Remember, I’m here to help!

Contact Dr. G for your coaching session so you can handle your business where you do business!

©2014 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes

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Will you stand in the arena?


“Vision: the ability to see beyond the boundaries of the present. To be able to see the coming wave of future events and then ride that wave to destiny’s shore.” Dr. G Speaks

Do you know people who love the heat of battle? Once they set a goal, momentum’s fire ignites their hearts with passion and moving mountains becomes like child’s play. Their focus is intense. They can work without sleeping; run without resting; and stand in the midst of turmoil without losing site of their target. They are after their prize. Defeat cannot touch them. Discouragement cannot lure them into his embrace.  Distraction’s sticky fingers cannot steal what they cherish most. They are the valiant; the true; the brave; the risk takers who understand the power of VISION! Will you handle your business and join them in the arena?

©2013 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes

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“There are few things …


“There are few things more powerful than telling your story. Speak it! Write it! Live it! And leave a legacy worth sharing!” Dr. G Speaks

Life can and will pass you by if you refuse to live it. What better way to live that to tell your story. No one can tell it like you. No one knows the details, the hardships, or the joys like you. If you’re sitting around waiting for an opportunity or the “right time” to begin, it will never come. You must walk in out. In other words, you must be willing to reach out and speak out to others. There are people waiting along life’s roadway for you. They are holding on with their finger nails, waiting to hear your unique song; to hear your special voice and to savor your magnificent story. The reason? Your story holds the solution to a problem. Your story holds the promise of an unanswered prayer; the quenching of a silent thirst; the response to a hopeful whisper. Remember…you and your story are more powerful than you know and more necessary than you believe. Speak…the world is waiting!

©2013 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes

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