Hind Sight Is 20/20


Many things have happened in my life that appeared to be negative but now I see that they were necessary for my life’s tapestry. They were less than what I deserved. The cut was not tailor made for me. The texture didn’t flow with my movements. The color didn’t suit me and the length was out of proportion and unflattering.


As negative as this sounds, these happenings painted my present with glorious possibilities and I see my future filled with luminous, delicious color. I am grateful I experienced every moment.

Remember this…You cannot drive forward looking in the rear view mirror. If you do, you can miss your exit to destiny. Yes, there are times when looking back can help us, but we must accompany our looking back with wisdom. When we glance into our past, we cannot have regrets about what we believed we missed. If we missed it, it was probably not something we  needed in our lives. Our “coulda, shoulda, woulda” blues cannot help us navigate our future and walk in destiny.

Hindsight is 20/20 when we use the information to produce wisdom. So, handle your business because destiny awaits you!

Dr. G

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