The Conduct of Queens – Ruling Principle #2



If you are to be a wise ruler, you must understand one of the fundamental principles of reigning. You must accept the real and authentic you and all the beauty and power that comes with it. Authenticity, although an asset, is not easily won. Mines set to sabotage you from wholeness fill Life’s battle ground and there are times when you must fight to collaborate this elusive ally.

The best way to win this battle is to understand the power of self control and self acceptance. When you understand and embrace who you are, focus becomes an integral part of your landscape. It invites Authenticity to hold you in his arms and guide to you a place called Queendom. It then becomes easier to guard your borders and to “rule yourself” without excuse. And that my sister…is a great place to be!


About Dr. Gail Hayes

Executive Whisperer, International Thought Leader, Executive Leadership Coach, Author, & Media Personality. Follow me on social media - @drgailhayes
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