The Conduct of Queens – Ruling Principle #1


The first ruling principle from the book, The Conduct of Queens is understanding who you are and learning to accept that awesome woman called you. When you don’t accept who you are, that insecure behavior will show up in EVERYTHING else that you do. It will show up even if you try to control it. It will come out in your language; in your actions and even in your attitude. The harder you try, the more it will show up! It will spill over into every area of your life…without your permission!

If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, you will take your insecurity out on other Queens. And when you do, other Queens will see this as a declaration of war!!!

So, it’s time to discover your identity and embrace it!

#theconductofqueens #drgailhayesspeak – ©2


About Dr. Gail Hayes

Executive Whisperer, International Thought Leader, Executive Leadership Coach, Author, & Media Personality. Follow me on social media - @drgailhayes
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