Leadership Notes… Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


“Hand mirrors can be a girl’s best friend. They can also be used as weapons…when in the wrong hands. The trick is choose your own mirror in your own style and then to keep it close so that it doesn’t fall into those wrong hands.” Dr. G Speaks

Although I am the first born of seven children, served as the first African American female law enforcement officer and firefighter in a southern city, and even became the first African American Chair of a County Commission for women, I never saw myself as a leader. I didn’t trust the image I saw in my hand mirror. Although people called me for counsel and I was always asked to lead projects, I still did not see myself as a leader.

So many times, we behold ourselves in mirrors that others provide. We did not choose the style or the color. We did not choose the quality, nor did we choose the timing in which they held up the mirror. Hey, there are times when I just don’t want to look in the mirror because I’m not wearing my makeup.

I now know that it doesn’t matter what others say or how others see me. All that matters is that I have purchased my own mirror in my chosen color and style. It is just what I need and it reflects all that I am. It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t show a false reflection of who I am but it does show me the real me. And guess what?That works for me!

What about you? Are you ready to do some mirror time?

Holding your mirror while leading others and handling your business is hard work and you cannot do it alone. Remember, I’m here to help!

Contact Dr. G for your coaching session so you can handle your business where you do business!

©2014 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes



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2 Responses to Leadership Notes… Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  1. Dr. Gail you are so right about having your own mirror. I have often been told I was a leader but it was hard to see myself that way because I was looking through the mirror that was given to me. It was given to me with strings attached. It said if you look like this you will have that or if you wear this you will attract that. But when I got my own mirror I liked what I saw ever thing looked great on me. I am now a leader that can hold her own mirror let others chose their own and be ok with what they say they see. I realize that I am here to help those who ask and an example to those who still believe that who they are is reveled in the mirror that was given to them.

    Theresa Isley

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