Getting it Done…Step II

firstchoicephotodrG_n“Understanding gives you the power to make wise choices. It is the glue that adheres wisdom to communication.” Dr. G Speaks

After you’ve taken time to listen, you’re ready to move to the next step; understanding. Understanding is the glue that adheres wisdom to communication. When you understand how a person best communicates, then you can wisely “speak their language” and connect with them. When you understand the mode of communication necessary to connect, you can enter their world, riding on conversation’s wings. That’s a gift not everyone receives because there are people who refuse to embrace the necessary patience to forge a relationship or to find common ground.

Once you grasp the power of connective communication, you can bravely cross over understanding’s bridge into unknown territory. You then have the ability to discover something new. And guess what? It just might be the miraculous “something” you’ve been looking for! Next time, we’ll discuss execution.

Getting it done and handling your business is hard work and you cannot do it alone. Remember, I’m here to help!

Contact Dr. G for your coaching session so you can handle your business where you do business!

©2013 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes


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