Step III to Value

firstchoicephotodrG_n“I need what I need and I want what I want…and that’s OKAY!” Dr. G Speaks

There have been many times when others have criticized me for not agreeing with them or seeing things their way. Their negative comments were like commanders at war in their personal campaign to belittle me. After years of allowing these wars to rage in my territory, I discovered something. I was settling and doing things to please others because I thought this was the fastest way to peace. I wanted others to like me. Bust guess what? They didn’t like me anymore after I agreed with them than before I gave in to pressure.

Others had peace but I had none! I then realized that I had to value me by valuing my thoughts, actions, and decisions. In other words, things needed to “show up” the way that I needed and not the way that others needed. I now have a personal motto of, “I need what I need and I want what I want and that’s OKAY!”

On your journey to value, you must KNOW how you need and want things to show up in your life. Once you’ve identified how and what you need and want, then no one can devalue you or what you bring to the table. You can sit in your reserved seat and enjoy your peace. If someone chooses to try and devalue you, give them the option to sit some place else!

Always remember…you are the only one who can handle your business the way that you like it!

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©2013 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes


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5 Responses to Step III to Value

  1. Great post! You should come by and check me out on, maybe you could write us a little guest post? 🙂

  2. Deb Foster says:

    Lookin’ good Dr. G.! Deb Foster

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