Three Steps to Value…


“No one will value you until you value yourself. When you accept and embrace that person called you…all mountains will move!”

Dr. G Speaks

One thing I’ve learned…you cannot make others love, honor, respect, or value you. You must do that for yourself. How do you begin the process? How do you move from feeling unloved, dishonored, disrespected and devalued? Here is step one of three:

Write and speak a new declaration over your life. Even if you have difficulty seeing yourself as valuable, write it anyway. There is power in the process! Get a mirror and talk to that awesome person called you. Read what you’ve written until the words adhere themselves to your mental landscape. Speak it until you inhale the aroma of the new you and you savor the freshness of bread baked in heaven’s kitchen… just for you!  So, handle your business where you do business and develop your first step! Next time, we’ll discuss step two!

Need help developing your steps? Remember I’m ready to help.

Contact Dr. G for your coaching session so you can handle your business where you do business!

©2013 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes


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International speaker, author, and Executive Leadership Coach.
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