Three things you must remember…

firstchoicephotodrG_n“When thinking of success, the three F’s come to mind. In order to be successful or to grasp success, one must be fearless, faithful, and focused! You must be fearless enough to silence negative voices and purge your life of meaningless relationships; relationships that are not serving you well. You must be faithful. You must believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. Educate yourself. Seek wise counsel. And then act. You must be focused. You must become like a heat seeking missile. It rarely misses its target. It is relentless. It is guided. It is dangerous. It is dangerous enough to achieve its mission. So, remember to always engage the three F’s of Fearless, Faithful, and Focused. They are waiting for your call. Just remember that they only serve the valiant and they help you to handle your business where you do business!” Dr. G Speaks

¬©2013 – “Dr. G Speaks” – Dr. Gail Hayes


About drgailhayes

International speaker, author, and Executive Leadership Coach.
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